Saturday, May 7, 2011


We made it to Munich and luckily our hostel was right around the corner from the main train station. To speak to the phrase "kill two birds with one stone" we found Bob here waiting for us. We checked in and let Bob catch up on some sleep. In the mean time TJ and settled in, did some laundry, and got some food. After returning we set out in search of the Hofbrauhaus, a well known beer hall. After aimlessly wandering around we discovered it. This place was packed. To our luck we found a bench where a single guy was sitting. We joined him and started drinking 1 liter beers after another. We also snacked on real Bavarian pretzels which were amazing. During our meal we learned that this guy we were sitting with was a German Catholic priest and was in town for work. By nights end he had paid for our beers and we all took off together since he said he was staying close by. For Bob it was a very uncomfortable walk back.
After sleeping in and hung over we eventually found our selves able to get up to get food. Afterwards we cane back for a little more rest. We then set out to see the sights of Munich to kill a few hours. Upon our return we got ready to join in on a pub crawl around Munich. Now overall I wasn't too impressed with this crawl. The money paid to go on did nit contribute to any beer along the way. We walked way more than we did drink. Also at each stop we only drank one beer. We had no time for food. To add to when the waitress brought a round of beers she slammed the glasses down, breaking one and therefore spilling beer all over my lap. Although I did get a free one out of the deal. At the end we returned to the bar here at the hostel and kept the night going.

Again we slept in and managed to get up eventually and grab some food. We returned back to the hostel where we found our friend Andrew waiting for us. We hung out for a bit before deciding to go find some Spring festival that is supposedly a mini-Oktoberfest. With luck we found the place to which it was more of a traveling carnival with rides, game booths, and food. The one extra catch is they had a beer garden and hall set up.  So we grabbed a beer and a really small snack in the beer hall before deciding to jump into some bumper car action. After a gut-busting time we got another beer in the garden and chilled out. After realizing the fun of the bumper cars we returned for more action but this time others decided to join us. Soon after we returned to the beer garden for another round of liter beers. Once those were down we returned to the hostel to change and headed down to the bar for a few more and a couple games of pool. Not feeling the best (I'm guessing something I ate earlier) I decided to call it an early night and head to bed.

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