Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prague - Day 1 & 2

So our hostel is not quite how the book described. They did get one part correct... it is way outside of the town center. It also appears that the main owner is the only one who speaks the most English. After eating breakfast we went to the local desk to ask if we could buy tram passes (as the book spoke of). They said that they do not sell them and that the tram is a little walk towards the main road which we knew. We asked if you could buy them there and they said no, that you had to buy them at a metro station. So looking at our options we walked out to the tram and found no ticket machine but a sign that coincided with our map that mentioned texting a number and getting a mobile pass. Upon many attempts it failed. Needless to say we stayed at the hostel the entire day... unwinding and relaxing to say for the most part.

The next day we decided to have the hostel call us a cab and take us the main train station. There we made our reservations for Munich and got a day pass. We then took to the sights. Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. The architecture of the buildings is magnificent with the statues and paintings of murals. It is all just stunning. We passed various churches and towers along our route before crossing the river only to climb 100+ stairs to where we found ourselves in front of one of the best views of the entire city of Prague. It was awesome. After a little break I began following TJ down the park's paths which eventually led to the Prague Castle. This was another marvelous sight. As you walk through the inside of the castle walls you find the cathedral just towering over. Soon it began to rain and we were unprepared (although our rain gear was back at the hostel). We made our way to the tram stop we needed and made for the hostel (a little wet of course). After a nap we found ourselves hungry and asked about the little restaurant here. They told me it was closed for the evening and it we did not feel like riding the tram all the way back into town. So we said screw it and made for the tram. Upon getting close TJ noticed a restaurant across the street. We crossed over and found a menu in English posted outside. SOLD! All day I had been graving beef goulash since seeing all the restaurant chalkboards advertising it. This place was AWESOME! We intend to go back. After a delicious meal it was time to sleep.

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