Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our last night in Brussels consisted of us going to the Delirium Cafe once again. We made it to the top bar where is more laid back and chill than the ground floor. We enjoyed a few beers before returning downstairs. We got a few more beers and found that the bar wasn't as packed as before. Then we realized that it was a Monday and not the weekend. So we proceeded to finish our beers and head back to the hostel.

We awoke the next day, got packed, and grabbed some of the free breakfast there at the hostel. We then set off in search of the Metro (Brussels subway system) to find a way to the Brussels Mid Train Station. For awhile we were wandering around like a chicken with its head cut off. Finally I found a help desk and they were able to set us on our way after activating our Eurail Passes. All we needed to do was fill in the information and hop on the train, first class! Before long we were on our way to Amsterdam. Minus one train change in Rosendaal we made it. My first thoughts on this place is there are a lot of people. And apparently you are nobody unless you have a bicycle. Yep, a bicycle. They are EVERYWHERE. Oh yeah and there's the occasional smell of pot in the air. Still getting use to the fact that is normal around here. Again wandering around we found the Amsterdam tram and made it down to the hostel. We decided to setup or room and then head out.

We strolled out through Vondelpark where tons of people ride through or kick back  on the grass. It is definitely a chill place to lay down and people watch, read a book, or anything really. We then ventured across the way to where we noticed police had blocked off the canal waterway (there are lots of canal cruises you can take) and there was a diver searching for something or someone. Everyone gathered around and after awhile we decided to leave. By that time they still hadn't found whatever it was they were looking for. We headed over to a largely crowded place to grab a drink and a beer. Afterwards we wandered around the area just taking it in. Before long we headed back to the hostel and meet two Americans from Boston backpacking through Europe like us. Soon I was in contact with our Australian friend Andrew who was in Amsterdam and wanted to meet up. So we told him our hostel had cheap beer at the bar and he said he'd come down. So TJ and I strolled in and grabbed a few pitchers of beer. Before long James and Malena (Americans) came down and we chatted over a few beers. Around 11pm Andrew showed up and we went out. We found a little local bar that was quite happening so we ventured in. They had quarter pint beers for 1.50 euros so we kept them coming. Pretty soon the whole bar was a dance floor mixed with American music and local music with just about everyone dancing. Afterwards we hit up some late night at a kebob shop where we had some fantastic dish that I can't even remember the name but I remember the taste. Afterwards I decided to call it a night and TJ and Andrew headed out elsewhere.

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