Monday, April 18, 2011


Well it turns out last night was low key. TJ slept soundly and I ventured out to have another mitraillette. Afterwards I returned to the hostel to call it a night.

Our third day in Belgium started out with us checking out of our room again, putting our stuff in the luggage room, and heading out to see the sights. We started off by going to the Botanical Garden not too far from here. It was a pretty neat to see with all the statues and plants all around. Afterwards we made our way towards the Atomium which is considered to be the Belgium Eiffel Tower. It is a statue of nine metal balls which represent an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. But we could not seem to find it according to the map. When then headed for other sights recommended by our map but for some reason we could not find them. After trying to find them we finally gave up and headed south towards the main tourist area where we stopped for lunch at O'Reilly's Pub. We then set out to find Use It which is a tourist information area. We needed to get a new map since the one we had was ruined with spilt beer. Then we headed for Celtica, a pub where happy hour starts at 1:00pm and beer is generally 2 euros for a pint, the cheapest in town and they show football (soccer for us Americans) all the time on the TVs. After a few beers we set out to find a place called Oldstar Games. This place supposedly has old games from all the old consoles that you can buy. Along the way we figured we had to try a real Belgian waffle and I have to say we don't think we can ever have another waffle again unless it's from here. We made our way down and found the Oldstar Games store to be closed. Disappointed we headed back to a place that was recommend by our prior roommates and the map called Moeder Lambic. This place has 46 beers on tap with some alternating. This place was fantastic. The waiters are walking beer encyclopedias. They seem to know everything about beer especially the beer they serve. I highly recommend this place as well. We had to try a special beer called Cantillon Gueuze. It is brewed locally and only locally, it has a sour taste like champagne, and we found it very good. It was definitely something different but great to the taste buds. After wards we wandered back towards the hostel to get our new rooms but not before stopping to get something to eat. TJ ordered the mitraillette and I got the frites with spicy sauce. The frites or fries are another Belgian delicacy that are highly recommended. So far our plans for the night are to return to the Delirium Cafe.

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