Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well we made our way out and to our dismay the book that had referenced this place had it in a wrong location. After some wandering around and the use of data roaming (which will come to haunt me later financially I discovered...) we found the Delirium Cafe. Oh man is this bar awesome. Its tucked away in a narrow alley with Floris Tequila next door where they apparently server over 500 tequilas and mezcals. I must say they did have an elaborate selection of tequila. The place right across from the cafe supposedly have hundreds of varieties of Absinthe. Anyways, back to the cafe. Outside there were tables for people to gather at. Inside there was an upstairs room (which apparently has 10 different beers on tap), a downstairs (more beers on tap), and the main level where we stayed. This place was in fact packed when we got there. The decor was awesome. There were some tables that were normal wooden picnic types and some where huge, old keg barrels with high chairs. Some of the booths people sat at where old beer vats. I will have to go back to get photos since I had forgotten my camera that night. Oh well, the hardship I have to endure, hahaha. While there TJ and I got well acquainted with our new roommates. Alan is from Taiwan and has been traveling for about a year and a half all over the world. Andrew is from Australia who is also touring Europe for a few months. So far it seems everyone we've met has been just awesome. I also got well acquainted with the beer here. I have to say that I did not have  one bad beer here. This is definitely the beer capital of the world. I even have to add one to my favorites now called Kasteel Rouge which is an 8% beer that is cherry flavored. Really good in my book. Well the four of us were enjoying our beers and talking about when a random group of three guys from Amsterdam asked if they could join us (we did get lucky and grab one of those old keg tables with 7 chairs around it) and we said sure. As stated earlier we learned they were from Amsterdam and they drove 2.5 hours just to come down for the night. So we all drank the night away. After awhile we decided to call it a night and head back. Along the way we stopped at Fritland and TJ and I split a mitraillette which is a baguette with hamburger, lettuce, grilled onions, fries, and spicy mayonnaise. DELICIOUS! I plan on going back.

The next day we had to be out by 11 since we had to switch rooms. TJ and I grabbed some of the free breakfast here at the hostel. Afterwards TJ, Andrew, and myself set out to find a cafe to chill with free wifi. We stopped at a few places along the hoping for to find free wifi when I recommended a place I read about and so decided to head there. Sure enough we found it and set up shop. During this time TJ and I decided to figure out our next move. In agreement we decided Amsterdam for three nights but we were only able to book one night but we figure we'll worry about the other two later. After a few hours Andrew left (who was headed to Antwerp) and TJ and I set out to see Brussels. We got to sew a few of the old buildings and even the really famous peeing boy statue. We continued our trek and found the market to which you can find quite a few restaurants, chocolate shops, beer shops, and souvenir stores. After relaxing for a bit in the Grand Market ( I think that's what it was called) we head back to our hostel to get our new room and set up. We decided to rest a bit before hitting up Brussels at night again.

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  1. Delirium is what I imagine heaven to be like!! I'm gonna have to see if I can find Kasteel Rogue in the states. Any more suggestions?