Sunday, April 24, 2011

Berlin: part 2


Today we started by figuring out what to see and where to go. We headed out to see the Berlin Wall Memorial. This was something to see and learn about. We returned to the hostel to figure out our next move. Luckily TJ had talked to a guy who had mentioned a walking tour of the city. So we decided to tag along. Matt, the tour guide, was an awesome one at that. We started off my heading to what is known as the "Island of Museums" where there are literally multiple museums on an island created by the division of the river. Among other things we saw were Humboldt University, a Nazi book-burning site, old churches, the site of Hitler's "grave", and another portion of the Berlin Wall. After the good 5.5 hour walk we returned to rest only to go wandering about in search of good German food. With both recommended places being packed we settled for a cheap yet good pizza before returning to the hostel.

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  1. So 2 days in Germany and you've had burritos and pizza?