Friday, April 15, 2011

London: Continued...

After much sightseeing TJ headed for a nap while I headed to the common room. Here I started working on uploading photos and writing for this blog. After awhile TJ came in and joined me to work on his blog. After awhile various people came in and we started to talk with them. During these conversations I was convinced to join everyone at 10pm downstairs to go to some clubs. Meanwhile TJ had decided to hit up the pubs with our new roommate Mike from Colorado. As for the clubs we had a good deal for 8 pounds we got into both clubs for free with limited free shots and drinks. To sum up this night I had a great night. Lots of dancing. As soon as I get a better Internet connection I will start uploading them.

The next morning we had to figure out where we were going next and how we were going to get there. So after some research we booked an 8 hour bus ride and a hostel in Brussels, Belgium. After that we ran to get some breakfast at a cafe around the corner. I told TJ that the day before in the common room we were invited to join some new friends for a tour of the National Gallery (paintings). So we headed off around 11am and saw some very nice paintings. I got to see some of Van Gogh's paintings including his famous Sunflowers painting. Afterwards TJ and I decided to split off and head for the aquarium however the entrance fee was a bit steep. So we decided to rest until we managed to gather enough strength to make it back to the hostel to rest up.

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