Friday, April 29, 2011

Krakow - Part II

So we awoke definitely feeling the affects of the night before. After managing to get moving we headed back to old town to take the other tour which ventured through the Jewish Quarter, ghettos, and Schindler's Factory. We had a new guide but still was a great guy. We traveled along making our way to the Jewish Quarter where we saw the old and new synagogues, famous locations for the filming of Schindler's List, and the Jewish Ghettos where they were forced to live until the liquidation. The guide showed us all the great pubs and places to be (apparently the Jewish Quarter is a happening place). Finally we saw what was left of Schindler's Factory. The factory itself had been destroyed but the business office remained and has since become a museum. The only actual thing that remained was an entrance gate. We also learned here how the movie glorified Oskar Schindler more than what actually took place. But that's the movie business. We finally took a tram home and got back in time for dinner. We ran into Camille and Ben and we decided we go grab a beer later since we didn't want to repeat last night. At dinner we also meet Ryan and Hunter (two Americans, one a Texan!, who are studying for a Master's MBA in Dublin, Ireland. They mentioned they wanted to head out too. So after dinner all 6 of us got on the tram and headed for Alchemia in the Jewish Quarter. All I'm gonna say is it turned into a good night over beer, shots of vodka, and good company. Our tour guide from earlier showed up and remembered us so he joined in. So far the best time has been meeting people from all over and making friends. Before long we headed home since we had an early morning ahead of us.

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