Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Berlin: Last Night

This one is a little late but I owe that to the things that were involved. Our last day in Berlin was TJ's birthday so we were going to go out with a bang. Our day began with going to the train station to book a reservation for the train to Krakow, Poland. It turns out our pass only works until the German border than we needed to purchase an additional pass. Nonetheless this part of the trip planning was taken care of. We headed back towards the hostel but not before seeking out some lunch. Our next move was to find a hostel in Krakow to which TJ took on the task and had emailed a place called Greg & Tom's Hostel. We figured they'd have room and would send us an confirmation email by the next morning (more on this later.) We then decided to relax until 6pm when we made reservations at a recommended German restaurant. To our delight it was very delicious and great local brews, especially the hefeweizen. As the night rolled around our hostel was having a free beer special. Basically they would tap a keg and serve it free until it was empty. We made our way down to discover they open up an hour later than what we were told. Therefore we had no choice but to go get our own (luckily a guy just a few shops over had some good stuff.) After kicking back in the lobby of the hostel and talking with a couple from Sweden the bar opened up and down we went. Beer after beer after beer led me to talking to a couple of guys who attend the University of Texas at Austin who were studying abroad. We hung out for most of the night talking and drinking before I came to the conclusion enough had been had. So I called it a night. We woke up the next day still with no email hoping that by the time the train got to Poland (10 hour train ride) we would have something. A call from TJ to the hostel confirmed that they did in fact have his email and we had a room (all this without them even asking his name??? hmmm...) So we boarded the train and off we were for Poland.

Once we got to Krakow we exited and pretty much followed the crowd. Immediately the train station turned into a huge mall and we figured we'd gone too far. After a few phone calls to the hostel we made it there. As we got in they said they didn't see an email but they did have room for us for 3 nights (we planned for 4 so we are gonna have to do something about that later). As they were checking us in they mentioned they still had dinner left if we wanted some. It sounded good to me. Breaded boneless pork chops, mashed potatoes, and salad. The staff here is really, REALLY nice and helpful. They gathered the three of us (a girl named Karif from New Zealand had arrived late too looking for a place) and told about the town and various tours we can take. So after all was said and done we were in Krakow, Poland, we had a good dinner, and we had a place to crash.

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