Saturday, April 16, 2011

London: Last Night

I apologize in advanced for a lack of details. I'm saving that for a later write-up or stories to share over some beers. If it will help see TJ's blog at

Moving on our last night in London was nothing too wild. After going back to the hostel to rest our feet earlier we had arranged a meeting with our new friends from France. We decided to go out and grab something to eat and get a beer or two at a local pub. However it turns out they had already eaten. So we ventured out afterwards and TJ and I got a quick bite to eat at the local McDonald's. All I have to say is the American McDonald's is better. After that we hauled over to a local pub but found it to be completely packed. This is how the night would be for all the pubs seeing as how it was a Friday night. So luckily after some wandering around we found a pub with a few open seats. So all four of us ordered a beer and talked. After all that was said and done we had exchanged information to keep in contact and Mag had insisted that when we get to France that we give her a call so she can show us around. Soon we returned to the hostel and chilled in the common room and talked more. Before long we decided to call it a night and we headed back to our room and packed up as much as we could since we would be leaving the next morning.

We got up pretty early and got everything in order. We headed out to find our bus station which turned into quite the haul with those backpacks. We found our bus and checked in even after their system shutdown. Stupid Windows software. Anyway, The bus ride would be about 8 hours long. The crazy part was going across the English Channel, or under it really. The bus drove into a train car and each bus had its own car for the 35 minute ride under the channel. Once we were across we made our way to the Brussels station. Here I found quickly you had to pay to use the public restroom and that most people didn't pay and used the restroom anywhere they could. Even right out side! Not being able to use my phone for data really sucks. We weren't sure of where we were when we walked out of the station. We figured our bearings and took off hoping luck was on our side. We lucked out and found the directions google had given me the day before. However the area was shady. The streets smelled of urine, there were homeless people, and there were the prostitutes in the windows along the walk. Then out of nowhere its a busy, decent area. Finally after biting the bullet I decided to use data roaming to find where we needed to be. Soon we found our hostel, a much better place than the last one. However there are more school kids, young kinds, running around and being loud. Anyways, we got our room and met some new roommates who are really cool. I told them about Delirium and their beer and this place I read about and it seems everyone is sold on going there. I'm definitely in!

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